Bio data of Prof.Mohie Eldin Mohamed Afify Elmashad

Job title:Professor at CRI

Email Address:

Geotechnical design and project management –geotechnical analysis and design, Site investigation scoping and review, Task leader, Site supervision, Proposal manager Business development. Solid technical experience combined with strong academic background in different geotechnical aspects, long experience in Site Investigation aspects covering consulting, planning, field and lab testing programs, supervision, interpretation and data mining, field monitoring system. Handled large number of geotechnical tasks in design, construction and management including; soil improvement, foundation design, stability and deformation analysis, seepage and settlement studies, excavation and dewatering planning, construction performance monitoring, dealing with problematic soil deposits. My assignments covers wide range of multidisciplinary civil project, roads, canal embankment, regulators, dams.

Areas of expertise:

* Foundation on Rock Formation
* Stability of Slopes
* Ground Improvement