About CRI:

CRI Vision

CRI vision is to be a center of excellence leading the region in the field of geotechnical and structural engineering and providing solutions and inventions for the construction and rehabilitation of water structures.

The CRI missions

Adapt and develop new design, construction, repair, retrofit, and construction management techniques of water canal networks and structures to cope with the international innovations in civil engineering. Promote knowledge transfer and capacity building to upgrade and enhance the capabilities of the MWRI in fulfilling its mandate of proper and efficient water resources


According to the Presidential Decree No. 830 in 1975 and the Presidential Decree No. 316 in 1994, the CRI research objectives are:
1- Upgrading and/or developing the design and maintenance procedures of irrigation structures and specifying the most suitable construction methods and materials.
2- Applying quality assurance and quality control systems and specifying the required levels of safety for the different irrigation structures.
3- Developing and/or upgrading the design and construction methods of the different types of foundations and earth structures.
4- Evaluating the effect of dynamic forces on irrigation and drainage structures and means of mitigation.